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Looking to cover or stream The Mourning Star?

Here is everything you need, details after.

The Mourning Star in One Minute


The Pitch

Wield the last Star as a cosmic flail in this existential action game.


In a dying universe, a ghostly figure with amnesia finds themselves with the power to restore everything. Wielding the final star they perform a perilous ritual to bring about another Big Bang. Over countless cycles Deah learns about life, death, and their true nature.

Take heed, the Leviathan lurks in the deep...


  • Explore a dozen constellations in the night sky, each with its own Science Fiction parable.

  • Follow the story of Deah as they experience each parable and come to revelations about the very universe itself.

  • Challenge yourself on Hard difficulty, or enjoy the narrative uninterrupted in Story mode.

Ursa Major.gif


Platforms:  Android & iOS

Cost:   Free with ads

  • $3.99 purchase to disable ads and unlock side content (the Bootes and Serpens constellations)

The Mourning Star

was released 1/29/2022, hobby developed and self-published by Ben Russell from Maine, USA.

Music by Jen-Shuo Chen

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